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Swirly Quilting!!

For my personal FMQ Bootcamp, I picked a design from a “long ago” workshop and decided to play with it a bit.

This was my inspiration…..

…and I liked it because it wasn’t really an overall design but instead used the same motif in different ways!!

I tried it on paper first…..

…but decided that I just needed to jump in and quilt!!

The “swirlies” morphed a bit as I went along but I did a pretty good job of filling the area.

Angela Walters is always saying that you will see an empty space a lot faster than you will a mistake so, based on that assessment, this is pretty good.

At least…..

2 thoughts on “Swirly Quilting!!

  1. I have a baptism quilt that I will be quilting soon. I usually just stitch in the ditch, but this quilt features a sheep. Part of me wants to try swirliness (after practicing on scraps), but part of me is very afraid.

    1. Practice first and then DO IT!! That is the perfect place to practice swirls!! As I said in the post, Angela Walters contends that consistent spacing is more important than the quilting form!! I can’t wait to see whatever you make.

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