Scrapping with bears!!

My first memory of quilting was sitting at my Granny’s side as she pieced block after block after block. I remember the first block that I made under her tutelage…..sure wish that I still had it!!!

She was always smiling…..

…especially when surrounded by her bevy of grandchildren…..

That’s me in the pink dress on the right!!……circa 1962

Every summer she would invite us by twos to spend a week with her and it was one of the things that I looked forward to the most!

She ALWAYS had a quilt going, including this bear’s paw that she pieced and then my Mom added a border and hand quilted…..

Like my Mom, she loved to use red in a quilt and it sure made these blocks pop!!

Everything that she made was from scraps and I love the mixture of fabrics that are found in the quilt….

As “Bear’s Paw” blocks go, this one is pretty complicated, especially adding the on-point squares in each of the blocks.

It is a favorite quilt and I am so thankful that I get to enjoy her work!! I just wish she could see what I am doing now…..I think that she would be pleased!!

8 thoughts on “Scrapping with bears!!

  1. This is so inspiring! Your grandmother’s quilt is beautiful, a treasure to cheerish. I love looking at all those fabrics she saved and used and how she put them all together to make something so useful.

  2. Love your grandmothers quilt and the memory story. I felt the same about my granny and Andy’s granny too. I need a quilt around me everyday. I have two aunts who saw what I have done. It was a joy to show them. Jodie

  3. You look so much like your grandma! The resemblance is striking. So wonderful to go in twos and spend a week with grandma. I love it.

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