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It’s all fun until you run out of thread….

I can quilt a wood grain…..who knew!!!

I have joined the “Flora and Foliage” Free-Motion-Quilting Challenge presented by Angela Walters. Be sure to check it out if you are interested!!

You can use ANY fabric for the challenge but she is selling a fun piece that is designed specially for the challenge……

Doesn’t this look like fun!!!!

I basted it using Hobbs Fusible batting, but didn’t feel that it stuck very well so added a few pins along the edge and in the middle to hold it a bit better.

I watched her video about how to quilt the design, tried it on a practice piece….

…and with MUCH trepidation…..

…took those first few stitches!!

Since this design was running the entire length of the quilt, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep it straight so I added a few “wash-out” marks to guide me on the first column….

I found it to be fairly easy to quilt…..

….but I did have to concentrate on the design or I would veer off someplace that I DID NOT want to be!!

I had a great time, until I ran out of thread…..

I am looking forward to finishing this section when a new spool is acquired!!!

It was a lot of quilting and wasn’t particularly FAST to do, but I feel like I have a good handle on this design and wouldn’t be afraid to try it on another quilt. After all….that is what the challenge is all about!!!

I am also starting to write and video my own “MOVE IT”….free-motion-quilting challenge. Keep watching this space for more information before the month is over!!!

6 thoughts on “It’s all fun until you run out of thread….

  1. That is nothing new for me. I like Aurifil thread since the bobbin lasts much longer that Mettler Silk Wrapped. I have taken her four previous classes and always have enjoyed them especially with ruler work. I watched but skipped the wood grain since I just don’t like the look of it. You did better than most. Was very sad to see how difficult it is with many newbies having a problem.

    1. I should have known that I didn’t have enough thread on that spool, but hope always springs eternal!!! I like using a smaller weight thread in the bobbin because you can put so much more on it!!

    1. Thanks Karen. I am excited to use the design on one of my quilts. AND, it was probably good that I ran out of thread because it will make me come back to that design and re-learn it to finish!!

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