Welcome to Mungari….

There are two different camps in Coutada 11 and we were in the Mungari Camp. It is a beautiful area….

….that consists of a large gathering pavilion, kitchen and several office buildings. The guests stay in tents….if you call this palatial accommodation a tent…..

Inside there are two very comfortable beds……

….and a “closet” system…..

The bathroom is open air and attached to the tent…..

The shower….

…..featured boiling hot water from our own, individual, wood-fired water heater…..

The only problem with this was when it had rained for several days in a row and the worker’s couldn’t keep the fire going. The shower’s got cooler but still warm!!!

The paths around the camp were raked every few days, leaving a fun design in the sand…..

I found myself walking on the grass to avoid messing up the pretty design!!! Probably NOT what they had in mind!!!

Come back tomorrow and we will explore further!!!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Mungari….

  1. Looks like pretty “lush” conditions to me! We didn’t even have showers at the last campground we were at! (They had some flush toilets though).

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