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Welcome to Mungari….part 2

Yesterday, I showed you around our tent in the Mungari camp, so now lets see the rest of it!!

There is an open-air pavilion that contains two seating areas…..

and the tables that we dined at…..

It was such fun to sit here with our camp-mates and hear about their days!!

The entire camp is run on solar power and the path lights wore “hats” to keep things from being too bright…..

These were woven from a palmetto leaf and were very creative!!! As time went on, they started to dry out and spaces formed between the woven leaves. I loved how they looked…..

….and, of course, saw a quilt design!!

There are two camp cats…..

…but after I mentioned that I was allergic to cats, they mysteriously disappeared to the other camp. We were told that they often move between camps but I suspect that in this case, they were MOVED.

There was always something in camp to watch, including this Red Duiker…..

She is very pregnant and we are looking forward to seeing her sweet lamb (yes that is what they are called) when we return in a few weeks!!!

There were two guinea fowl that had the run of the camp….

and an amazing array of butterflies…..

They are in the process of building two concrete buildings that will house some of the camp employees and I found this interesting tree trunk that had been cut down…..

Isn’t the wood grain amazing!!! And this one too……

One of the nightly camp traditions is the fire-pit…..come back next week to hear more!!

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