Color Mash-Up

I am still trying to catch up on the 2021 Monthly Color Challenge presented by “Patterns by Jen”. You should zip over to her blog to learn more about the challenge and see some of the amazing designs that Jen concocts!!!

In May, we were using the mighty potato as our inspiration….

Many times in the last few months, I have spent a LOT of time trying to pick fabrics but these two jumped OFF of the shelf and onto the cutting table…..

The cutting directions were easy and very soon I was ready to start sewing…..

I have always struggled with making a “square in a square” block, especially making it the exact size that it needed to be, but Jen gave precise directions and I was SUPER careful in cutting. I was thrilled when the block turned out to be the perfect size!!!

I continued in the vein of being SUPER careful with my seam allowances and sewing and was happy that the block turned out to be 6.5 inches……

Jen has encouraged us to “up our game” when we are presenting the finished block and to play around with “flat lay” designs. Although I like this one……

I REALLY like these two……

When I think about potatoes, I immediately think about creamy, buttery mashed potatoes. My husband, Michael, makes the BEST ONES EVER!!!!!

….and if I am really sweet to him, he will make cream gravy to go with them!!!!

Next up…..the sweet/sour lime!!!!

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