“It’s The Great Pumpkin” Block

Yesterday, I started describing making the next block in the 2021 Monthly Color Challenge, and when I left you, I had made 8 flying geese using the “No-Waste” method.

Next, I needed to make a Square-in-a-square block.

I love these blocks but have always struggled to get them to be the exact needed size. But Jen fixed this problem by having us cut the center square to an exact size of 1-7/8ths inch.

The outside triangles were cut a bit larger than needed and then trimmed after being sewn on. This was SO smart because I didn’t have to worry about getting the corners of the triangles to fit just perfectly!!

When it came time to trim the block down, I once again used a washable pen and marked two lines on the ruler. These lined up with the points on the inside square…..

….making the cuts easy to determine!!

Now it was time to sew the patches together into the block and I ran into a problem as I prepared to sew the final row. The row was visibly smaller than the previous one!!!!

I decided to video the stretching process so maybe it will help when you are struggling with the same problem……

I really like the final block……

….and it will be a great addition to my color challenge quilt!!!

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