More Accuquilt fun!!

This past week, I was so excited when the other dies arrived for my new Accuquilt machine.

I have to admit that I have worried about whether this was a frivolous purchase….would I really use it enough to warrant the money paid??

The first task was to work thru my scrap basket and get everything cut out and stored. I was completely dreading this job since I knew that it would take several days to get it all done.

BUT…..using the Accuquilt strip cutting dies, I was able to cut ALL of these in just 2.5 hours…..

It was fun to see my dog-bed sliver pile at the end of the afternoon…..

The next day I spent another 2.5 hours and cut squares out of the smaller pieces.

But, the REAL test came when I needed to cut 120 patches for two upcoming blocks, and most of these were only 1.5 inches. It only took TWENTY minutes to cut all of these…..

You may notice a few threads on the white squares. I learned that sometimes stray threads get caught in the dies and cause this. Now I know to clean them out!!!

The job for today is to piece these two blocks and make them turn out exactly 10.5 inches…..wish me luck!!!!

5 thoughts on “More Accuquilt fun!!

  1. I do wish you luck. I’ve had troubles getting an accurate size block with the accu dies. I really skimp my 1/4″ seam and then it’s OK. They suggest cutting along length of fabric and I think that helps but I can’t always do that with my scraps. Anyhow, I keep using the cutter when i can!

    1. So far so good Susan. I am finding that when I try to cut close to the edges of my scraps that strings get into the dies and next cuts aren’t clean. Hopefully I will learn!!

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