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Circling the airstrip

On both of our trips, I have tried to get some exercise by walking around the airstrip.   The circuit is about 2 miles and I always find something interesting to look at.  If nothing else, I spend the time planning quilts….what could be better than that!!!

On one of the circuits, I was thinking about the lions in the area and that they had been seen about half a mile from camp.  About that time, I heard a rustling in the grass, and I am talking about a BIG rustling.   Because of my previous thoughts, I was quite freaked out!!!

But I carefully looked into the grass, expecting to be running shortly, only to find two of the workers using scythes to cut the grass…..


As I continued, I stopped to take photos of a couple of flowers that I saw.   The first was this large bush covered with yellow blossoms….

….and the second this small violet flower……

Remember that it is winter here so flowers are NOT numerous!!!

I have enjoyed seeing tracks of all kinds, whether they be animal (Mongoose in this case)…..

…..or truck!!

I have become COMPLETELY enamored with the tire tracks from the different safari vehicles and am hoping to use them as quilting inspirations in the future…..

And then there is the Dung Beetle!!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am really enjoying watching the Dung Beetles as they work.  I ran across one while I was strolling on the airstrip, but naturally, I didn’t have my phone with me!!  I marked the place where he was and ran back to get my phone.   When I returned, I saw where my footprints ended but couldn’t find him and his HUGE ball of dung!!  I did notice a small track in the sand and followed it about 15 feet until I found him again. 

I watched and videoed for a while and decided to move a stem of grass out of the video.  I guess he thought that I was attacking him because he put his pinchers up in a boxing stance and charged me!!!  He did this three times before returning to his ball of poo.  I decided to continue around my track and let him be.   Please enjoy this video…..

On this particular morning, I decided to visit the camp on the other side of the runway, formally known as Ngazi…..

It is also run by Zambeze Delta Safari but is a much smaller client camp, only containing 3 Rondovels (round buildings) for the customers…..

It also houses all of the Guides and other camp staff in a dormitory-type situation.

As I left the NGazi camp, I saw that Michael had returned from his night of Leopard collaring so I hurried home to hear his story……that one is still to come!!!

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