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Challenge accepted and finished!!

I am happy to say that I have finished the Angela Walters “Flora and Foliage” challenge……

I cannot begin to tell you everything that I learned from this quilt!!!

I learned that uneven pebbles look great…..

…and that I love this flower meander and paisley meander……

But, when it came to the elongated swirl and swirl chain, I was out of my league!!! I practiced and practiced and FINALLY figured out that I was not making the initial “swoop” long enough. I was pleased with the final result and happy that I had persevered…..

I chose to do a wishbone design on one side but struggled with getting it started…..

Fortunately I finally got it on track!!!

I decided to do a mixture of swirls and paisleys on the other side of the swirl chain and was happy that I found it easy to move between the different designs.

The final design was the Elongated Feather Swirl and this one was a lot of fun to do…..

Overall, I am super pleased with this challenge and what I learned and cant wait to start on one of the other two that I recently purchased!!

AND, I got to mark it off of my task board…..

Come back tomorrow for an idea about how to practice free motion quilting!!!

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