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Old Villages in Marromeu….

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, there has been an effort by Zambeze Delta Safaris to move the natives from their small villages and into a centralized village area where they have access to goods and services such as a clinic and school.

I had the opportunity to visit several of these older villages and loved looking at the construction of their buildings.

The first one that we passed happened to be just before sunset, ensuring that the photos were amazing!!!

This was the main house…..

….with another standing nearby….

I little further down the path there were two other buildings…..

The one on the right is called a Jaungle. It is used for cooking and other activities when it is raining.

This is the chicken house…..

The chickens must be put up at night or they become prey for the Civets and Jennets that are roaming the night.

This blue cording was everywhere, from reinforcing this basket…..

….to holding the house structure poles in place.

I wasn’t sure what this utensil was…..

…but it sure was interesting to look at!!!

The next village was where we chose to film Michael’s Ted-X talk…..

It was a great backdrop for the video.

We explored inside this house….

….. and Dylan showed us some interesting aspects (make sure that your sound is on)……

Michael tried to climb the ladder and found that the rungs were too far apart….

It makes me wonder how the shorter natives were able to climb up!!

The construction was interesting, with twigs intertwined and then covered with mud…..

I explored the area a bit while Michael was recording and found this delicate fungus….

Come back tomorrow to see the “modern” village!!!

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