Modern village of Marromeu

Yesterday, I told you about my visits to some of the older, now abandoned, villages.

Now, let’s compare that to the new village.  There are still some houses that are rustic….

….but many are concrete buildings…..

There is a local mall…..

I loved that all of these buildings were made from a different form of construction….

Each one is owned by an individual who walks/drives/bikes to the nearest town where they purchase the goods that they will sell. This can be as mundane as razor blades to as exotic as solar panels!!

Although they still have to carry the water to their homes, there is a community pump-type well, meaning that they don’t have to haul buckets up to retrieve the water ….

The women still work hard……

Watch how easily they walk, even while carrying huge loads….

The young boys gather whenever any visitor appears and love to have their photos taken. They seem to enjoy toys that roll or that they can drive….

Also, they have access to a local clinic. I wrote about it in this post….

….and a school….

We visited the school and spent time talking with the teachers.  Come back next week for that!!

By our standards, their life is very hard but living closer together has made things easier for them. Zambeze Delta Safaris and their conservation partners are to be congratulated for the work that they have done to improve the lives of the villagers!!

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