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Scrappy Variety

I love working on all types of quilts but I seem to always come back to a good, old Scrap Quilt!! I just need time with lots of fabrics, doing simple piecing, and seeing what happens!!!

I have been scouring patterns for the last few weeks, trying to decide on a scrap project to start.

While going thru various photos, I remembered a lap quilt that I made for my Mom many years ago…..

It took a while to figure out what the pattern was but I finally recognized the Split-Nine-Patch…..

The block is super easy to make but once they are all made, the fun begins!!

You can place all of the blocks going the same direction….

Turn them into a “streak-o-lightning” pattern…

….or place them in any number of other configurations….

I am thinking that maybe it is time to visit this block again!!!

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