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How to keep the points pointy!!

As I am continuing working thru the Angela Walters Ruler Quilting challenge, I am learning so many things!!

This week, I was working with a ruler that came to a sharp point….her “Taj” ruler to be exact…..

When I played with this ruler before, I was disappointed that I always ended up with a rounded top….

While watching the video on using this ruler, I found out the solution!!!

First, you quilt up one side but stop just before you “fall off” of the ruler….

Then you reposition the ruler to the same spot on the other side and quilt back down…..

The result is a nice point!!!

I used the ruler to quilt this border, making two passes and moving the second pass over to the middle of the first pass…..

I ended up with a nice border design…..with SHARP points!!

Up next are “Arc” rulers. Can’t wait to try them!!

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