Let ‘er rip!!

As I mentioned a few weeks back, I had SO much fun quilting the Teddy Bear Baby quilt…..

Since I was “in the groove” I decided to keep on quilting, this time on a charity quilt that had been in my “to-do” pile for almost a year!!!

As I quilted along on it, I realized that I felt comfortable going FASTER!!  I normally set my speed to about 50-60% but this time I ramped it up to 80%…..

….and after a few minutes at that speed, moved on up to 100%!!

It was SO much fun!!

I put together a video of some of the quilting that day. You will hear a bit of muttering from me as I stop and contemplate what I am going to quilt next…..

Here are a few up-close photos of the quilting….

There was so much freedom in “letting ‘er rip”.  I hope that you will try it on your machine!! 

And please consider joining “MOVE IT….a free-motion quilting bootcamp”.   Here are the details……

You can sign up HERE.

2 thoughts on “Let ‘er rip!!

  1. Hello! I’m taking the plunge and signed up for your Free Motion Quilting Series. I must admit that I have never, ever started with free motion quilting. Will you be covering the absolute beginnings for a first timer, as in the set up, how to hide threads, tricks for easier movement, etc? I hope you will base your first taping on the true beginner needs. THANK YOU!!

    1. Hi Kathry. I am so glad that you are ready to get started with FMQ. It is so much fun!!! Unfortunately, this class is not really designed for beginners, but rather to help you learn new designs to quilt. If you can give me a day or two, I will look online and see if I can find some resources to help you get started with FMQ and I will email those to you. I am also happy to answer any questions that you have!!! Watch for an email!!

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