Stash Smashing!!

As I have talked about earlier this year, I am involved in a “Smash That Stash” Quilting bee hosted by Make Modern Magazine. There are 6 of us participating….1 from New Zealand, 4 from Australia, and ME!!

We have been making blocks for each other with some new, fun designs.

The months of August and September were MY months so I got to pick the pattern and the colors….FUN!!

I posted about the intricate plans for my blocks…..

…but when it came down to it, I really didn’t want to make all of the additional blocks that I would have needed to create my masterpiece!!

Since I didn’t want another UFO hanging around, I went for something simpler and more fun!!

While I was at the retreat, Michael called to tell me that I had a package from Australia….MY FIRST SET OF BLOCKS HAD ARRIVED!!!!

They are from Janet and are wonderful…..

I believe that all of the other blocks have been made, but since Australia and New Zealand are in a major COVID lockdown, they can’t get to the post office to send them on.

I suppose that this is teaching me patience, but that is a hard lesson for me to learn!!!

I will update you when more arrive!!!

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