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The worth of a good grey thread….

Last month I had the privilege of judging the quilts at the Georgia National Fair. Check out THIS POST to read about my insights from the “other side of the table”!!

One of the things that I noticed was how much difference it made when the piecing thread matched the fabrics….or at least didn’t CONTRAST with the fabrics.

Now, I am the queen of putting one BIG spool of thread on my machine….

…….(Signature Natural White) and using it for everything.

But as I was preparing to work on the Retreat scrap quilt, I got to thinking about whether the white thread was appropriate for the myriad of colors that would appear in my piecing.

Based on what I had learned at the judging, the answer to that question was NO!!

So, out came a light grey thread…..

…which was used for top and bobbin threads.

The result is that the stitching doesn’t show and I, yet again, learned how to make my quilts better!!!

It is always amazing how much difference a very small change can make!!!

Here’s to a good grey thread!!!

4 thoughts on “The worth of a good grey thread….

  1. I use cones of Aurifil camel-colored thread for most of my piecing, but I also use medium gray and charcoal (which I can still see when sewing on black).

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