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Sub-cutting with Accuquilt

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As I was getting ready for my retreat and planning to work on my next scrap quilt, I realized that I was going to need a BUNCH of light-colored 2.5-inch squares.  

I had some already cut but not nearly enough.  What I DID have was a plethora (don’t you love that word) of 2.5-inch strips in the needed colors….

I had read that you can use the AccuQuilt to sub-cut strips into squares so it was time to try that out for myself!!

There is already one 90-degree line marked on the die, but I decided that I wanted a few more markings.  I used a fine-point sharpie and added cross-marks, at 3-inch intervals….

I then took each strip and laid it carefully on one of the lines and folded it back and forth as many times as I could…. 

Remembering, of course, that you really don’t want more than 6 layers of fabrics at a time.

I repeated this process for 5 more strips……

….and ran it thru the cutter……

It looked like this when it came out…..

….and VERY quickly, I had a nice stack of squares to use in my design…..

Yes, there was a bit of fabric wastage, but certainly not worth the time that I saved!!!

I am looking forward to using this process to cut more shapes as time goes on.  

Now that I think about it, I could lay 2-inch strips perpendicular across the 3.5-inch dye and quickly cut rectangles for flying geese…..

…or 4.5-inch strips across the 2.5-inch dye and make bigger rectangles…

…or use the angled markings on the dye to make diamonds….


Bottom line…..I think that my purchase of the AccuQuilt cutter has been a good one!!!

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