New techniques at IQF

I am always amazed to see what new techniques and ideas that quilters come up with and this year at the International Quilt Festival was NOT disappointing!!

The 3-dimensional “feathers” on this quilt…..

“Two Faces” by Hyesook Han

….were made from lots of different textures of fabric…..

This quilt doesn’t photograph well……

“Irresistable Wind” by Mikyung Hung

…but it’s construction was interesting. It was quilted first and then the appliques were added…..

It gave the quilt more dimension and would sure have been easier to do!!

There was a grouping of 2-sided quilts by Kathy York. It was fun to walk from one side to the other and see how the two sides interacted with each other!!

This one was probably my favorite…..

This quilt looks intricately pieced, but all of the lines are actually a wide satin stitch……

“Cubes” by Nancy Lambert

I know the maker of this quilt and she said that the thread made the quilt surprisingly heavy!!

This is a painted quilt and was very interesting to explore……

“Fire in the Stone Mosaic” by Kimberly Lacy

When you get up close and personal, you can see the painting technique that provided so much dimension….

This technique was really effective!!!

In the “hand-made” category, we found this fun quilt……

“Train to Nowhere” by Cheryl See

The tiny villages were cute in themselves, but the train chugging around the perimeter was what made it…..

We are getting to the end of my IQF report but come back tomorrow for a few more!!!

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