My favorites from IQF

Sometimes a quilt just resonates with your soul. When you look at it you think….. “Wow….I love what they did there”!!

These are a few of my favorites from the Internation Quilt Festival….

These first two quilts make me want to move to Taiwan, specifically to Taoyuan City. These two amazing quilters are from there and obviously influence each other’s work…..

“Courtyard” by Yu-Chen Liang
“Traditional Hand-drying Noodle Maker” by Hsiu-Pei Hsieh

Personally, I just want to see these scenes, never mind actually making the quilt!!! AND, seeing the tiny slivers of fabric is giving me more ideas about how to add grasses to my stork background!!

This quilter is from the same area…..

“Solo In the Sunset” by Chen Shu Hui

I wonder if they had a workshop about how to use slivers of fabric effectively?? If so, they nailed the technique!!

All three of these quilts were covered with tulle before quilting.

This quilter is from a slightly different part of Taiwan….

“Beyond the Arch” by Shu-Li-Hsu

These ladies obviously have a talent for pictorial quilts!!!

This quilt was very striking…..

“Tribute” by Karen Hull Sienk

It was simple in design, but the pieced background made it stunning!!

Here is a shot of the detail in the trees…..

In the humorous category…..

“Church Ladies” by Margery Hedges

This quilt celebrates a quilting bee and the first time that they were able to get back together after the pandemic…

“Hazmat Quilters – 2021 Edition” by Gina Krejsa

We have all smiled those same smiles when were could be together again!!!

This next quilt was just sweet…..

“Mpala, Big Sis” by Sandra Mollon

Although a closer look shows her amazing use of commercial fabrics!!

In the “It made me smile” category…..

“Vitamin Field” by Mihuki Humphries

In her description of the quilt, she even says that she wanted to make a quilt that makes people who see it feel good!! She certainly achieved that goal!!

And finally…..

“Dreama’s Blooms” by Shelly Watson with Darlene Szabo”

This quilt was based on a painting and her goal was to create a quilt that maintained the impressionist style of the original painting…..DONE!!!

It is made from snippets….larger snippets….but still from thousands of pieces of fabric. It is not covered with Tulle but is heavily quilted.

These are just a few of my favorites…the ones that truly captured my imagination!!

I love to look at other people’s photos from a quilt show. Often I will say “Wow….I don’t remember that quilt”.

This is just another example of how we view the world thru our personal “Quilt Colored Glasses”!!

Thanks for joining me on this tour of IQF – 2021!! I can’t wait for next year!!

8 thoughts on “My favorites from IQF

  1. Je suis française. Je suis émerveillée, époustouflée, émue même, de tant de beauté et de talent !!!! Je m’initie au quilt collage depuis quelques temps et vos courtes pointes me font rêver, voyager aussi. Un grand merci pour ce régal des yeux. Martine

  2. Hey you found my quilt. What an honor to be included in with your favorites! The original artist of the flowers in the vase is Dream Tolle Perry. If you like this painting – I encourage you to go look at all her others (great eye candy simply google her name)

    1. Shelly….yours was the one that I most wanted to make myself!!! It is gorgeous and I love the way you captured that painterly effect!! Congratulations on having a quilt in the show and here’s to many more in the future!!!!

  3. I was just thrilled that you included my quilt in your favorites-it was as the title states a tribute to my mother’s artistry, inspired by a watercolor painting she did. She died in 1972, never got to see my quilting efforts, but is still a guiding force in my life and art. Thank you for the honor, it was my first time attending the show, all the quilts were amazing and inspiring.

  4. Thank you for sharing all the quilts from IQF. I’m in Sydney Australia and have enjoyed your visit through the posts here. I’ve been quilting since 1976 but marvel at the direction quilting has taken. I’m still learning new techniques and wonder what quilters from the past would think about today’s quilts.
    Thank you Kerry Wijngaarden

    1. Thanks Kerry. I actually started my quilting journey in Canberra back in 1985. We lived there for 6 years while my husband did his PhD at ANU. I come from a long line of quilters and the nicest thing that was said to me was by my Dad. When he looked at a quilt that I had made and machine quilted (back when it wasn’t the norm), he said “Granny” would have been so proud of this. He also added that “if she had a sewing machine, she would have been using it too!!” Thanks so much for reading!!

  5. Every day i look forward to your blog posts, excited to enjoy with you the amazing quilts you see. Thank you, from Hawaii, and please keep sharing.

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