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Fixing the bird….

And no, I am NOT talking about the Thanksgiving bird!!!

Last week I posted about making a start on “Sadie the Saddlebill Stork”. When I ended the post, I asked if you could see my mistake??

Here it is……

This white piece is in the wrong place. I should be further down and more to the center.

I noticed it just as I was finishing up for the day and gnashed over it in my mind until I could return to the studio. I had already ironed these pieces down so it wasn’t going to be easy to replace.

Then I had an epiphany…..since the piece now needed to be black, why don’t I just color it!!!

Out came the Fabrico markers and, in a matter of minutes, the correction was made!!!

Now I needed to add the white to the correct area, so I peeled back the edges…..

and inserted a white fabric…..

Problem solved!!

Come back tomorrow for the neck and head!!

PATTERN UPDATE…Have you checked out my pattern for “Crumbs for the Geese”. To purchase, simply click on the “Patterns for Sale” tab at the top of this page.

2 thoughts on “Fixing the bird….

  1. smart thinking. Years ago in some class I took, the teacher told us when we were stitching in the ditch, if we got out we could use a marker to color the stitches that were out of line. Of course this only works if the thread is lighter than what you need it to be. For this reason I have a lot of different color markers.

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