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Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Yesterday, I posted about fixing a mistake on the body of “Sadie the Saddle-Billed Stork”.

Today I am moving onto the neck and head.

I started working my way up the neck, drawing some of the shapes onto fabric using a wash-out marker…..

As I progressed up the neck, I used skinny pins to hold the pieces in place…..

….and when I was happy with it, I used my mini iron…..

…..to fuse them in place.

The only problem that I encountered was with fabric shadowing behind the yellow…..

I ended up doubling the fabric and that took care of most of the shadows. I figure that, once I have heavily stitched the area, it won’t be a problem!!

Before I knew it, Sadie had some personality…..

Next, it was time to move to her legs, starting with the knees first…..

Aren’t they cute!!!

Then I added the Hammies (hamstrings)…..

….and finished her gams with some shapely thighs…..

She is looking a bit chunky!!

stay tuned coming soon modern style background design

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