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It’s all about learning something….

Someone asked me why I continue to do challenges and mystery quilts and my answer is the same…..”I ALWAYS learn something!!!”

I have now finished Angela Walters’ “Quilting with Rulers Challenge” and, as you might guess, I learned SO much!!

Here is the finished quilt…..

…..and here are a few things that I learned……

  • Rulers can be used in other ways that don’t match their intended purpose. In this case, I used an oval ruler to quilt some longer curves…..
  • Use a matching thread….especially if you don’t know exactly what you are doing…..
  • Plan and measure borders so that they turn the corner well….
  • Larger areas can be made smaller by dividing them into sections…..
  • Adding some non-ruler quilting can make a boring design pop……
  • IF you want it to be exact, there are tools that you can use…….
  • Finally, even though you can use a ruler to quilt a filler design, it is easier to freehand it!!!

I bought a few new rulers at Houston this past month and am already having fun playing with them and figuring out exactly how I can use them!!

And, will I do another challenge???

You-bet-ya!!! I have the top for Angela’s new “Feather” challenge and I cannot wait to get started!!! I am horrible at feathers and know that this will push me forward.

Do you need something to PUSH you to get better????

If so, think about signing up for my FREE 10-week Free-Motion Quilting Challenge called “MOVE IT!!!”

Each week you will receive an email with a few new designs to try and a video with instructions, encouragement, and sometimes even some commiseration!!!

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