Oh no!!!

Don’t you hate it when you only need inches of fabric, but all you have are slivers?

Let me tell you how I ended up there……

At our last guild retreat, my friend Linda made amazing blocks for a Quilt of Valor project…..

After making 5 of these intricate blocks, she decided that she would turn them over to the local QOV committee here and let them plan a quilt around them. I asked if I could take them instead!!

My original plan was to line them up along one side of the quilt, but first to border them with gold fabric to make them shine.

I pulled out one piece of fabric and roughly calculated that there was enough to add a 1-inch border around all of the blocks.

I added the borders to the top and bottom of each block and then pieced the remaining fabric together and started cutting the right and left borders. That is when it happened…..

I needed ONE more strip the size of the ones at the top, but I couldn’t quite get it!!!

AND, all I had left was this small pile…..

While I stood there, chastising myself for not calculating more accurately in the first place, I started wondering what would happen if I made it more scrappy in nature.

So, I pulled out my 1.5-inch scrap bag and found several gold fabrics that would work equally as well!!

In a short time, I had the blocks bordered and on the design wall…..

…and I really like the scrappy values!!

Now it was time to figure out the quilt design. Normally I would pull out a scrap of paper and doodle my design, but today I had the idea to use a whiteboard and it worked SO well.

I was pretty sure that I wanted to surround the blocks with strips of red, white, and blue fabric. The first design used 2-inch strips, meaning that there would be SIX strips per block. I was afraid that it would be too fussy…..

Next, I planned with 3-inch strips, so only 4 per block…..

….but that might be too plain!!

So, how about if I split the difference and make most of them 3-inch but add some 1-inch white accents along the way…..


Come back tomorrow for the finish!!

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