A change in design

Yesterday, I posted about the start of a scrappy Quilt of Valor and left you with this design plan…..

I began auditioning fabric strips and quickly came up with this arrangement…..

Next I sewed each of the strips together so that the new strip set equaled the size of one of the blocks.

As I sewed, I started thinking…..and that always causes problems!!

Instead of having the blocks hover at the left side of the quilt, why not space them out across the quilt? GOOD IDEA FRANCES!!!

Once the strip sets were sewn, I trimmed them to the shortest length….

….and measured to see how much fabric I had to work with….

Now it was time to do the math!! My first pass ended up with different widths of fabric on each side of the outside squares…..

That won’t do!!! Let’s split the difference…..

That will work!!

After a little bit of trimming to make the sides perfect, I added borders…..

….and called it done!!

Now, because I like to learn something from each project, I can look at this quilt top and say that I wish I had put less fabric on the outside of the blocks and, instead, spaced them out better!!

Linda….please make more blocks that I can play with!!!!

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