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Using numbered pins

In Sunday’s post, I talked about using numbered pins for laying out quilts.

For today’s “Terrific Tip Tuesday”, I want to expand on that a bit…..

First of all, if you don’t want to purchase numbered pins, you can also use pieces of painters tape with numbers written on them. My only concern for this method is that the tape sometimes peels off or gets stuck to another piece of fabric, magically transferring itself to the WRONG block. And, I have been known to get the tape too close to the edge and have sewn thru it, permanently attaching it to the quilt

Or, you can take a flower-head pin and write the numbers on yourself!!!

Also, if your pins only go up the number 20 and you have 24 blocks, you can place two pins on each block to signify 21, 22, etc…..

The best advice that I can give about using these pins is to always place them in the blocks in the same orientation. As an example…..

….you can see that I have placed the pins on the left-hand side of each part to be sewn and the pins are all facing the same direction. That way, if you see a pin going in a different direction, you know that you have something matched up incorrectly.

Do you have other suggestions for how to mark your blocks so that they move perfectly from the design wall to the sewing machine, and then back to the wall again??

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