Wellspring Pattern Design

Last weekend I posted about picking the colors for my latest quilt that I am calling “Wellspring”.

I had found the inspiration for this quilt from a YouTube video by “Teresa Down Under” with the company “Sewn Up”. You should check out her Youtube channel HERE.

In her video, she was showing three different ways to make a “whirlwind” quilt block and this one was my favorite of the three….

I did some quick calculations…..

…and decided that I would work with an 8-inch block.

I followed her instructions to make a block with 3 strips on one side, and then to cut it in half diagonally…..

The main block that was made from these subsets was gorgeous….

…but the alternating block was plain….

I immediately saw that this particular seam was going to be hard to match….

…and I wondered if I wanted to go to all of that effort to have a block that basically looked like this….

If I was going to do that, I might as well just make it from plain strips of fabric!!

So, I went back to the initial block…

…and started thinking about what I could do with it!!

I jumped onto Electric Quilt and began playing with possible designs. I felt as if I wanted to keep a pinwheel/spinning design in the alternating block and ended up with this idea….

Now to figure out how to piece it without wasting LOTS of fabric.

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