Making the most of the past

When I was growing up, there was one quilt that I absolutely LOVED!! I could remember cuddling up under it and was enamored with the fabric that was used on the back and in the binding…..

The colors just spoke to me!!!

As I looked at this photo, I realized that there is a feed sack used in the top left corner….that is so cool!!

I have no idea who made this quilt, although I am pretty sure that it was “Granny” (my Mom’s Mom). The quilt started to fall apart under constant use and parts of it were completely threadbare.

Years later, after I had been married for 10+ years, Mom showed up at the house with this in tow…..

She had taken the only surviving section of the quilt, cut it down, and then gave it to me to be used as a “car” quilt… know….one that sits in the trunk of the car and is used in emergencies!!

Well, I had NO intentions of putting it there so it became a permanent part of my quilt collection.

As I now examine the block with a “quilter’s eye”, I can see that it is a simple strip pieced block….

Something like this……

Now that I am exploring this block more, I think that it would be a FUN quilt to replicate using scraps.

Yikes….there is another project added to my “want to do” list!!!

How long is your “want-to-do” list????

4 thoughts on “Making the most of the past

  1. very similar to a Spiderweb quilt I intend to make with my scrap strips, and some Cheddar gold in place of the white in yours.

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