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It didn’t look that way!!

Have you ever looked at fabric in the store and then had it look completely different at home?

The most likely culprit is the lighting, but it could also be because of the background that the fabric is sitting on.

Here is an example…..

I was pulling fabric for my “Olive Inspiration” block and took a photo to add to the blog. This was the photo……

No No No….that is NOT the color of my fabrics and I would NEVER eat an olive that was this color!!! Actually, I would never eat an olive anyway, but that is another story!!

I took a second photo, this time against a white background…..

YES….THAT is the true color of the fabric!!

So, if the camera sees the colors differently based on what the background is, would the eye not do the exact same thing??

Today’s Terrific Tuesday Tip is…..


It will make a world of difference!!!

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