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Sawtooth Star – Free Pattern

As I mentioned yesterday, I am planning a new Free-Motion-Quilting series called……

Twelve Ways to Quilt a Sawtooth Star

I am looking forward to using a variety of techniques, including ruler and Free-motion-quilting, and to TESTING MYSELF to see just how many different ideas I can come up with.

But first, I need to make a quilt top to work on!!

After thinking about it a LOT, I decided to work with the Sawtooth Star. As I researched a bit I learned that…..

The block name can be traced back to a”Farm & Fireside Magazine”, published in 1884, however, the block can be seen in quilts prior to that date. In the tradition of quilt blocks being named after everyday items, sawtooth refers to the right-angled triangles looking similar to the teeth of a saw. The block has also appeared under various names such as Evening Star, Variable Star, and North Star.

Whatever it is called, I like that it is a simple block…..

….consisting of one large square, four small squares, and four flying geese units.

This is the quilt that I designed to use…….

….and you can download the FREE pattern by clicking HERE……

I will talk more about making the quilt top in the next few weeks and then LET THE QUILTING BEGIN….

I can’t wait!!!

Please contact me if you have any questions about the pattern or the Quilt-A-Long.

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