The evocative “Tradewinds”….

My husband Michael is a master of the written word so today we teamed up to present “TRADEWINDS”…….

Some see pinwheels held by children, others see windmills charged by Don Quixote. A final category of observers, see ever-increasing-colorful movement – movement caused by the wind, and captured by the warmth of deep reds, dark pinks, and tarnished yellows. Appropriately named “Tradewinds”, this quilt pattern reminds me of a 10-day sail through Australia’s Whitsunday archipelago. The splash of deep reds and dark pinks reflecting from Bottle Brush flowers on the island slopes, the coral beds’ tarnished yellows leaping up through the crystal-clear waters. Whatever sweet memories lurk, “Tradewinds” evokes their release.

Michael L. Arnold

8 thoughts on “The evocative “Tradewinds”….

  1. Beautiful words. I love the swirling effect. I am reminded of the colours of the flag of our Indigenous Australians- yellow, black and red-the colours of our red outback dust, desert sands and the natural ochres used in indigenous body painting for dance ceremonies. It is amazing how we all see a quilt differently. Thank you for sharing.

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