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BQL Challenge – January

Back in 2007, Michael and I were getting ready to live in Oxford England for two months while he acted as a Research Fellow at Merton College. In getting ready for the trip, I came across a Yahoo Group (remember those) called the “British Quilt List”!!

In 2008, the BQL hosted a year-long, monthly challenge. Each month we were presented with a certain style of quilt and were challenged to make our own version. Oh did I forget to mention that these quilts were only 12-inches in size!!

It was a perfect challenge as it didn’t take forever to make but still gave me a chance to try new things.

The first one was free-hand circles…..

Since I decorate with blue items in January… my “January Blue” collection, I chose blue as my base color but used a little yellow to lighten the mood.

It was a fun start to a year of quilting!!!

2 thoughts on “BQL Challenge – January

  1. You are so talented. Those 12″ square projects take me as long as a lap quilt to make. Love this little one!

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