I’ve Got Mail!!

Today I had a package in the mailbox and was excited to see that it was from Angela Walters which meant that I HAD NEW RULERS!!!!

She has just released three rulers for high-shank machines and I think that they are going to be SO much fun.

Here is what I did in just a few minutes…..

The first one is “Dot” and she looks like this…..

….and she can EASILY do this……

OH MY!!!!

Secondly, I played with “Smiley”……

This is one of the nicest arc rulers that I have seen. I just played for a few minutes and came up with several designs, but especially liked these nested petal shapes…..

Finally, came Petunia…..

She is a petite ruler that fits in the palm of my hand, but look what I did…..

Isn’t that fun!!!

So, you guys keep reading but I am heading upstairs to quilt!!!

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