Edinburgh Stained Glass

Back in 2010, we spent 2 months in England while Michael acted as a “Visiting Research Fellow” at Oxford University.

Our home base was Merton College and our first travels out of Oxford were to Edinburgh, Scotland. This stained glass piece was in the “Bed and Breakfast” where we stayed.

Many people wonder how I have SO many inspiration pieces….well I started in 2010 and have been collecting for TWELVE years!!

The Oxford trip was my first attempt at blogging and I had a wonderful time sharing our travels. Unfortunately, all of the photos were lost when I had technical issues but at least I still have the words to remind me of the amazing trip!!

Don’t you hate it when that happens!!

4 thoughts on “Edinburgh Stained Glass

  1. So sorry to hear of the loss of your precious photos. I hope you will triple back-up. Hard lesson. I love your blog and admire what appears to be massive production of quilts. I am soooooo slow, but that doesn’t interfere with my enjoyment.

    1. Thanks Mardi. Fortunately, I didn’t lose the photos themselves….just the link that included them in my blog posts!! I am sometimes fast in my production and sometimes agonizingly slow!! But, like you, I want to enjoy the entire process. Thanks for reading!!

  2. I’m so glad you did not lose all the photos, but that they are so.ewhere in the computer memory. I have lots of photos some where lost in its memory.

    1. What happened was that, unknownst to me, Blogspot kept the files on a folder on my computer and I managed to delete it!!! I COULD go back and re-do all of those posts but it sure isn’t high on my To-Do list!!

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