You are taking a photo of THAT?

Michael has pretty much learned not to ask questions but, when I came out of the lady’s room, picked up my phone, and headed back into the bathroom, he was rightly confused.

I smiled sweetly at his questioning look and said…..”I need to take a photo”.

The concerned look intensified as I walked away from the table.

He was relieved when I showed him the photo of my latest quilt inspiration…..

Isn’t it marvelous!!

I can see it made in an analogous color scheme like this wall or even in an “anything goes” format.

PLEASE tell me that I am not alone in seeing quilt inspiration in weird places. Where is your strangest inspiration from???

5 thoughts on “You are taking a photo of THAT?

  1. We were walking through a Chines Garden in Portland OR and I saw tiles EVERYWHERE that were so inspirational! They were on the floors, walls, cabinets; just amazing.

  2. I can see your wall inspiration pieced from scraps onto adding machine tape (or strips cut from old phone books). 🙂

    1. What a great idea!!! I have been thinking about using adding machine tape and this would be the perfect project for it. I am going right now to add it to my “want to do soon” list!!!

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