More surface design

When I left you, the Botero-inspired piece was at this point….

Now it was time to wash out the stabilizer. This was accomplished by soaking the piece in several baths of soapy water and then rinsing well.

Next, I headed to my “painting studio”… my garage….. to play with the background fabric. Since I am NOT a painter, I always video the painting process to show you that you don’t have to be a painter to work on fabric. I hope that you enjoy the video……

BUT, after I turned the camera off and added the thread-painted cheesecloth to the background, it was apparent that the sky was too light in color.


So, even though I loved the pale, pretty sky, I mixed up some more paint…..

…and proceeded to darken it.

It does look better now…..

Although the paint hasn’t dried in this photo, so I may have to go even a bit darker….time will tell!!

So far I am still enjoying this process and am pleased with how the piece looks.

Come back for more as I start to add flowers and more specialty yarns and….who knows what else!!

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