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Quilts in the Garden – Part 2

How do you photograph your finished quilts???

Normally, I take a standard photo of the quilt hanging on my design wall……

I attempt to photograph it straight and then crop close to remove any excess wall.

Let’s be honest, this is about as boring as it gets!!!

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I recently spent a lovely 3 hours photographing three quilts in an outdoor setting…..the Georgia State Botanical Garden!!

After leaving the “tunnel” area, I came on a kids fort with a rope wall…..the perfect place for a baby quilt to hang……

I tried valiantly to hang it without pins, but ended up having to press two into the rope to keep it from sliding as I photographed. I was SUPER careful to remove the pins and take them away with me!!

In this area there were even more mushrooms and they provided a great backdrop to some “low-down” photos of one of the folded quilts…..

I looked behind me and saw three climbing rings that worked perfectly for a “group” photo…..

The sun really shows the colors shining thru, almost making them appear luminescent!!

One last fence in a handicap parking area was my last backdrop in this area….

I absolutely love the trees in the bakground!!

At this point I was hot, sweaty and ready for a cool drink…..

…..but there was still one more setting to visit…..

Stop back by on Tuesday for photos from this area.

I will also share information about an online I-phone photography course that has greatly improved my photos.

I promise that it will be…….

Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

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