The greening of Botero

When I last left you with the Botero project, it was at this phase….

Now I was ready to attach the cheesecloth piece to the painted piece. Before I did that, I ironed a piece of Shearweight Fusible Pellon Interfacing (#906F) on the back to further stabilize the fabric….

….and used my scissors to “rough-up” the cheesecloth edges so it didn’t look so “perfect”!!

I chose to only attach it on the sides, leaving the top open…..

Now it was time to couch some more threads on, starting with a variegated yarn and then moving to a “Sugar and Cream” thread that is used to crochet dishrags……

The “messy” bits look great in the garden…..

Now it was time to add leaves!!

I grabbed my packages of green crumb fabrics…..

….and started free-cutting leaves and adding them to the top…..

I REALLY like how that looks!!!

I was having so much fun doing this part, that I made a video about the process…..

At the end of the day, I had a greened-up background……

I can’t WAIT to start adding flowers (color) to it!!!!

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