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The month of July is a busy one for me!! Clients need 2nd quarter financial statements, payroll reports need to be filed and fiscal-year non-profits need tax returns prepared. Consequently, I wasn’t sure exactly how much creative time I would have.

I shouldn’t have worried!!

As it ended up, I have even found time to get in some “other art” practice!!

A few weeks ago I posted about playing with watercolor and this past week I found time to do a bit more. This new class that I found starts with brush strokes I had fun seeing exactly what I could do with just a few brushes.

We started with a fully loaded brush and looked at what happens when it starts to run out of paint…..

We played with adding paint to wet paper. It was interesting to see what the paint would do….

Next, we played with making lines of various widths all from the same brush…..

Finally, I played with a large brush that wasn’t in great shape…..

It was fun to see what this bristle arrangement could do…..

I loved making ribbons with this large brush……

…..and I really love the shading that “happened” with this ribbon…..

Finally, we had to find an object at hand to paint, and since I was at my cutting table, guess what I used as a model…..

As far as realism goes it isn’t great, but I loved the fact that I painted it without drawing first.

AND, if you get REALLY far away from it, it actually looks good!!!!

I have NO idea whether I will EVER use anything that I am learning, but I am surely enjoying trying different mediums!!!

Now back to quilting!!

4 thoughts on “Art a different way….

  1. Learning about lots of different things can help you find ways to make your life better. Keeps ones brain young too.

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