Even more FMQ

Yesterday I finished the 4th week of Angela Walter’s FMQ Filler challenge.

In the last post, I was expounding on the wonders of free-hand Clamshells….

The first pattern in this quilting session was a squared-off Clamshell…..

This was fun, but a bit boring. But, it got more interesting when I made the bricks in all different shapes and sizes…..

The next design that I tackled was a basketweave pattern that is based on a clamshell. The difference is that you travel up the previous shell and then move to the next one, giving it a woven appearance…..

I did okay with the larger shells but had issues when I tried to make them smaller and make them echo the previous shell. I would DEFINITELY need more practice on this one!!!

Next was a simple straight-lined design with random stars along the way. I used a ruler to help keep the lines straight although I am not sure that it was necessary…..

Last week I had put off this next design because I didn’t think that I could tackle it. It was a simple mixture of designs and I just wasn’t comfortable with it……

OF COURSE, it ended up being my favorite!!!

The final design for this week was a feather meander. The first feather wasn’t great…..

….but I finally remembered what I had learned in the last FMQ challenge and did a much better job on the next feather…..

I enjoyed working this design in a larger area…..

Even though I wasn’t looking forward to this week’s designs, I ended up loving most of them!!

There is one more set of designs left to try and I can’t wait to tackle them!!!

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