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Only two colors…..

I am not usually a fan of two-color quilts. Sometimes I find them to be a bit boring, but these five quilts that were displayed at the International Quilt Festival were anything but boring!!!

Lynn Crimes presented this wonderful low-volume quilt…..

“A Neutral Score”

Let’s get a little closer on this one…..

She used improv piecing over BLACK batting. That is why the seams and quilting stand out so much!! VERY clever!!!

Connie Dyer Zafaris used a mixture of Charcoal and Silver to make this “Ripples” quilt….


The quilting does an amazing job of highlighting the design!!!

This next quilt from Martha Ferguson is also enhanced by great free-motion quilting from Karen Kendo……

“Modern Chain”

Connie Dyer Zafiris also submitted my favorite of the two-color quilts……

“Fitting A Square Peg in a Round Hole”

Finally, this quilt from Hope Reed……

“The Preppy Illusion”

….is a great optical illusion quilt and the colors are perfect for the design!!

And of course….. now that I have looked closely at these two-color quilts, I am thinking that it might be fun to try one myself!! Isn’t that how it always goes!!

Come back tomorrow and we will look at some astounding landscape quilts!!!

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