More basting tricks

Last month I shared a technique that I learned from Christa Watson (Christa Quilts). This new-to-me technique was basting quilts vertically on my design wall!! Here is the video that I provided in that post…..

IF you receive notification of this blog via email, the video will NOT appear and you will need to click into the actual blog to get to the video. It’s one of those “technical” issues!!

In their comments, several people mentioned that they did not have the luxury of a design wall and did I have any suggestions for them!!

Then, last week my friend Linda asked if she could come to my house and use my garage floor to baste some larger quilts…..ones that were too big for the design wall.

After a bit of quick sweeping, we laid out her backing fabric and taped it down so that it was well stretched.

We sprayed it with Odif 505 spray, put the batting in place, and started smoothing.

At this point, I remembered another blog reader mentioned using a ruler to smooth the quilts on the floor too.

Now THAT is an interesting idea and one that I could check out!!

And look at how well it works!!!!

YES….it was easier having someone hold the batting up but it would have made the process easier even without Linda’s lifting!!

And YES, I did crack up in the middle of the video!! My videographer (ie my husband) was making jokes the entire time he was filming!!

So here is the bottom line…..

Whether you are basting flat on a floor, flat on a table or vertically on the wall…..


It will make the process easier and the end result better!!

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