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Thimble Suggestions Needed

For some time I have been looking for a good thimble and would love your suggestions.

You see, I have arthritis in my hands and a normal thimble just won’t fit over the unsightly humps…..

In earlier years I have tried the following…..

..and recently purchased an “ugly thimble” which is made for you while you wait…..

…and this one that I was SURE would work…..

But NONE of them will stay put on my fingers!!!

I have used Thimble Pads…..

…but the ones that I have bought recently don’t seem to stick very well!!

I found this photo and recently read about using electrical tape…..

….but haven’t tried it yet!!

The same for using vet wrap…..

So now it is your turn….. what are your suggestions??

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11 thoughts on “Thimble Suggestions Needed

  1. Check out the Wonder Grip thimble . I found mine on Amazon, but have since seen them at LQS. It is available in different sizes. I’ve never had a thimble that fit well. With this one, I am now able to hand stitch comfortably .

  2. I love the “Quilter’s Needle Grip Thimbles” from Hobby Lobby. These are the only ones I have had success with and use them all the time for hand sewing bindings. They are soft and pliable, and don’t hinder your gripping of the needle.

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