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Orange You Glad She’s Wearing A Mask??

Back in 2006, my quilt guild ran a challenge called “ORANGE you glad it’s not pink”.

The rules were that the piece had to be predominantly orange and had to be twice as long as it was wide.

I had just spent some time playing with Colorsticks and rubbing plates but hadn’t been particularly excited bout any of them……

I put them up on my design wall and the idea for the mask just appeared when I was arranging the blocks to try to make it fit the size requirement.

I remember how much fun I had designing the mask!

I started with a basic mask shape that I found online and started adding fabrics.

There was an amazing African stripe fabric that brought it all together and you can see bits of it all thru the piece.

I don’t remember where the shiny fabric came from for the face but it was perfect….

I found these great buttons in some of my Grandmother’s collection and they made wonderful eyes!!!

I remember having SO much fun giving her some jewelry, starting with the feather and bead earrings…..

…..and I painted wooden pony beads for the necklace……

Here she is in all her glory……

I remember that there were SO many great quilts in this challenge and I found this photo from an old newsletter. Aren’t they great!!!!

I think that this was one of my favorite challenges and probably the best participation!!

Do you have a favorite challenge??

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Thank you…….

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