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A little “Home Depot” inspiration

I saw this advertisement for Home Depot and thought how much fun it would be to make a quilt with this perspective…..

Have you ever tried something like this???

6 thoughts on “A little “Home Depot” inspiration

  1. I have tried something similar one time. It was a resounding failure🤣 I plan on trying again, though. Like you, I think of the challenge…

  2. I do see inspiration in a lot of places, but alas, I’ve not made many. When I first started quilting many years ago (during the trace-your-template-and-sew-on-the-pencil-line days) I started noticing tile patterns in bathrooms. People thought I was crazy. I still look at quilts and try to figure out how to make them. “Find the block.” I love the freedom of quilt making – the whole world can be your quilt.
    I enjoy your posts, Frances. Keep ’em coming.
    Mary Ann

    1. Hi Mary Ann. Your story is the same as mine. I LOVE the freedom in designing quilts today. We can go so much further than we could back in the early days!! I do a talk for guilds called “Viewing the World Thru Quilt Colored Glasses” and it is about this exactly!!!

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