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Amazing Interview!!

A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Jan Doyle for her “Wyse Talk” series.

Here is her bio……

Jan is a media personality with her own show, Wyse Talk, on cable and YouTube. Jan has appeared on Good Morning CT for three years with Classroom Connections, taught elementary and high school, and loves to travel.

As a teacher, Jan felt the one page in the history books devoted to the Underground Railroad completely inadequate. Personal interest and study led to the creation of the program Quilts and the Underground Railroad: Fact or Fiction.

Another passion is to “incorporate photography with my quilting. I discovered thread painting my images on fabric is something I love to do. I feel very fortunate to be able to share my interest in photography and love of quilting with others.” Her quilts and photographs have been exhibited in galleries and art centers.

Jan has been honored to receive the distinction MNECC in July 2022. This award was presented at the New England Camera Club 75th Anniversary conference in MA. Jan received this honor for her numerous leadership roles and service to the New Haven Camera Club community; for her service on the board of the Connecticut Association of Photographers; for her programs presented to local camera clubs and national audience, and her photography exhibits at galleries which include using her photos to create art with thread painting or photo stitching.

Jan presents at conferences, schools, quilt guilds, libraries, art centers, and churches. Jan taught at Houston International Quilt show.

Jan is a past Co-Rep for the Connecticut Chapter of Studio Art Quilt Associates, (SAQA), former editor of the SAQA -CT newsletter.

I enjoyed meeting her and we had SO much fun talking during the 30 minutes. I was surprised when she said that we were almost out of time…..I mean…..hadn’t we just started!!!

She was a great interviewer. She had a plan for the interview, but she still listened as I talked, asked wonderful questions, and then directed me to the next topic!!

I hope you enjoy it………

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Isn’t it fun to talk to quilters!!

If you have an interest in ruler quilting, check out this online course…..

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2 thoughts on “Amazing Interview!!

  1. After walking the dog, and way past my morning coffee, I sat down to watch the interview.
    Frances, (with an e) you are truly an amazing and interesting person and quilter.
    I sometimes wonder how our lives would be different if we have had access to the worldwide internet when we were younger.
    Thank you for sharing.

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