Back to the Grid Quilting….

I bet you thought that I had given up on Grid Quilting….. no such luck!!

There were just SO many gorgeous quilts to show from QuiltCon that I put everything else on the back burner…..

But we are back on schedule!!

Today we are going to look at the lowly “Apple Core”.

I tried it in two sizes…..

….and was basically happy with the result!!

Here is the video of my quilting…..

(IF you receive notification of this blog via email, the video will NOT appear and you will need to click into the actual blog to get to the video. It’s one of those “technical” issues I can’t do anything about!!)

As I said in the video, this design is easy, fast and looks great….what else do you need!!

If you have an interest in ruler quilting, check out this online course…..

Click HERE for more information

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