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A tiny bit of studio time!!

As most of you know, I am a CPA and this time of year is CRAZY BUSY!!!

So, finding time to create is very hard to do!!

The other day I gave myself 30 minutes in my studio. In truth, it turned into a bit over an hour!!

My biggest problem was that I didn’t have a specific thing to be working on…..

So I started something new.

The night before I had been playing with curves and trying different ideas on Procreate (on my Ipad).

I came up with this idea……

Doesn’t that look fun!!

So when I got into the studio, I pulled a few scrap fabrics out and started sewing.

First I had to remember how to use the circle ruler!! I looked back at this post from last May…

….and finally figured it out again.

My first cut and seam were not the best…..

…but this is a sample block….right??

I added a few more arcs and ended up with this design…..

Now, how about if I add another arc on one corner…..

The arcs certainly got smoother as I went along!!!

Okay…..that looks okay, but what am I going to do with it???

Come back tomorrow for more play time!!!

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Thank you…….

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