A little more piecing

Yesterday I showed the small amount of curved piecing I found time for. Now, let’s look at a little more piecing!!

Lately, I have been thinking about doing some strip-piecing, but I am thinking about TINY strips…..like some that I saw at QuiltCon.

It didn’t take long to cut a few scrap strips of fabric and make a 4-inch set…..

Since it is 4-inches, that gives you an idea of how small some of the strips are!!!

I trimmed it into a square…..

….and stood back to look at my work!!

But then the “what-ifs” took over and I took it one step further…..

Okay….that’s interesting!!

So now I have these squares to play with….

(Too bad didn’t make them the same sizes!!!!)

But WHAT am I going to do with them!!!

Come back on Thursday and I will show some of the ideas that I came up with!!

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