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1000 is Something to Celebrate!!

I started this blog way back in 2007 when Michael and I spent 2 months living in Oxford England. Before I left, a bunch of people asked me to email them and tell them about the trip. I decided that I didn’t want to spend my entire trip on email, so I wrote a blog instead. That way, if someone wanted to read about it, they could, and if they didn’t……

I used the blog for several other trips and then decided to turn it into a “Quilting and Other Stuff” blog in December of 2008.

I posted sporadically for the next 12 years!!

Now, cast your mind back to 2020 and all of that extra time we needed to fill!!

On July 27, 2020 I pledged to write and post a blog entry every single day for 30 days, starting with this one…..

Those 30 days went by quickly, so I decided to do another 30 days.

Before I knew it, I had posted 250 days in a row…..

….then 500 days

….and today marks the 1,000th day!!!

And, I recently passed 1,000 in subscribers too!!

For the most part, it has been a fun ride and I am looking forward to continuing.

HOWEVER, I am going to give myself grace to miss a post here or there, so if you wait for the email notification and it doesn’t come, don’t worry I am still here!!!

So, please celebrate with me today!!!

14 thoughts on “1000 is Something to Celebrate!!

  1. Congratulations! I’ve been following on Facebook but will sign up for email so I don’t miss any.

  2. Thank you for doing your blog. As a newbie I’m eager to learn and appreciate all the inspiration you provide.

  3. My hats off to you, that is absolutely Herculean. I did one month of daily posts years ago for NaNoPoMo or some such and it about did me in. Your posts are a rich gift to readers, and you always have a fresh take every single day. Kudos.

      1. I have followed you every day since you spoke at our guild in Portland Oregon, via zoom. I enjoy your blog SO MUCH. Congratulations!

  4. I’m not sure my comment was posted so I’m sending another one. I’ve followed you every day since you zoom-spoke at our guild in Portland, Oregon. I especially love your travel inspirations because I’ve traveled a lot and always see new ideas too. Keep up the great work and congratulations!!

  5. Thank you for sharing your quilting journeys with us. Like Nancy, I have followed you since you spoke at our guild. You are delightful, encouraging and honest. Here’s to 1000 more.

      1. Great. We had 85-90% of people who attended were non-quilters. Having it in the local library and free to the public allows for chance to plant a seed in the minds of the next generation of quilters.

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